Note: The following was written on June 11, 2002

Before I start, I must say that it is very difficult to change destiny. One can only minimize/ maximize fortune/misfortune thru Feng Shui, hardwork and charity work. So if someone tell you to build a water dragon in your home without looking at your 4P, the person probably wants to make $5000+ from you more than helping you to make wealth.

A Russian immigrant in Minnesota had won a $8 Million lottery in 1996 and at the same year the got cancer and died a few days ago.

A woman had won the 10+ million Quarter Mania jackpots in Las Vegas and ran into a car accident and become paralyzed.

You may have heard similar cases that someone made big bucks and died suddenly.

More than likely, the day-masters of these people are weak to handle wealth. Sudden huge wealth actually is bad for them.

I may have sidetracked.

For a weak water person, assuming earth and wood are your worst elements (“annoying gods”), then metal and water are your favorite ones.

Since metal is NW and W, so preferably you sleep or sit facing this 2 directions. North in theory is water and good for you. But other school of Feng Shui says that facing north will turn you into an idiot or getting sick, so avoid N.

Also avoid going East (wood), center, NE (earth) and SW (earth) side of the country or directions.

If you were born in summer, then you should avoid South (fire). If you were born after autumn, then fire may be OK.

I doubt if you can add metal to energies your day master. Metal in this case is just an abstraction of the energy, just like you are not a sack of water. You will be drowning if you can’t swim even though you got water as your day master.

Also doing charity work or blood donation may help too.

Ken Lai