Here are some Bazi tricks that street fortune-tellers

Scenario #1
The fortune-teller said that you will be in a
“serious” disaster within a certain period of time
(got your attention???). For example, modern
disasters (personal) are more likely related to
traffic vehicles, so he will say that you will have a
serious traffic accident.

You may be in a state of shock and beg for your life.

For “X” amount of dollars (or even free, just pay for
the reading or class), he will tell you how to “fend”
off or avoid this disaster.

“Go donate blood.” Said the fortune-teller. “So you
will fulfill the blood-shedding part and avoid serious
injury. And go do some preventive maintenance for
your car, to appease the metal god (or whatever
deities he can make up).”

You did what he had recommended and amazingly, you
have suffered no disaster or injury within the
“disaster period”. So you tell everyone that the
fortune-teller is a “half-fairy” (almost as accurate
as God).

So, what is the trick here???

How does he know that you will have a disaster
(assuming he is not making it up)?

What will you think if you happen to really run into a

Ken Lai