Note:  The following blog was written on Sept. 10, 2005

Last week I drove my 16-years old son to the
University of Minnesota to register for classes there.
The state pays for his tuition fee and even books
(except parking fee, which is almost US$400 per
month!) But I have saved US$15,000, so I cannot

U. of Minnesota is a huge university with 800,00
students. I had taught at the same university during
the late 70's and throughout 80's. So it stirred up
old memories when strolling around the campus with my

"Hey Ken! Are you trying to sell another FS course,
something like academic FS?"

Not a bad idea! Academic FS class should sell like
hotcakes in Asia. People there will sacrifice
anything to get their kids into good schools.

"Do you use any FS trick to get your kids doing well
in school?"

No, other than fixing 5-yellow and 2-black and some
common sha, I do nothing FS-wise to enhance academic
luck. I do not tutor them nor tell them to study.
They do it on their own. They all turn on the TV, log
into internet, doing IM and do homework at the same
time. I got two A+ kids and one B- kid. The one with
low grade is the smartest one.

"Ken, why don't you max out their grades using FS

There are some FS techniques that can raise the
academic performance of your kids somehow. Using
Qi-Men-Dun-Jia to boost exam-luck probably is the
easiest to do (and without beating up your kid).
Qi-Men-Dun-Jia works best when your kid is in-between
the borderline of passing or failing.

But I have not used any FS techniques on my own kids--
why monkey around with FS when things work out OK?
Let nature take its course as much as possible.

But I have tested some FS techniques on myself (yes,
sacrifice myself to humanity :.)). I now sit on a
specific palace of my house and it makes me write like
a machine. Because of the possibility of physical
sickness if not done right, I do not disclose the
method here.

However, I think 4P has more influence on academic
performance than FS, especially for people of lower
socio-economic status. Some kids are born like
reading, some don't want to touch a book. Parents
with the means can force their kids with tutors and
incentives to study. For poor kids, they are either
born to study on their own or will not study-- we are
talking about 4P or even heredity here.

Have a good day!

Ken Lai