Note: The following was writtennon Nov 16, 2003

I have visited my friend Tim’s office last Friday. His office is located in a well-maintained office park. Regional office of Nike is also in the same park.

The weather was great, 48F or 9C degree, considered warm by local standard. We are used to – 20C weather here.

Tim is a computer product distributor. Upon seeing him, he asked me to refer a church to him.

He wants to be spiritual suddenly.

Before I answer him, I was distracted by a strange scene outside his office.

There are two trees of identical height (around 12 ft. tall, same type) and 10 feet apart. All leaves were shed due to winter, so I could see what’s on the tree.

One tree has a bird-feeder and lots of spilled seeds on the ground. Apparently birds nearby have an all-you-can-eat buffet there.

What was strange is that the “buffet” tree has almost no bird standing on it. Instead, the tree in front of Jim’s office has a large number of birds standing on it, like Hitchcock’s “Bird” movie.

I told Jim, “Don’t waste time going to church, just sit and meditate under that tree.” He stared at me as if I were a nut.

“Go and stand under that tree and feel the qi yourself.”

Tim did and said he felt a stream of warm energy and air that felt like ionized.

Energy points like this one are what the Feng Shui masters hunting for burial grounds or building sites.

Scenarios like this one are not difficult to find. All you need is to pay a little attention to the surrounding around us. Sometimes by paying attention to vegetations and trees around a site will tell you a lot about the residents there.

Ken Lai