Note: The following blog was written on Feb. 23, 2005

One day, Farmer Mah took a break after working under the sun for a few
hours. He sat under the cool shade of a tree.

Suddenly he heard a "boom" noise. It seemed something hit the tree

Farmer Mah looked around and found a fainted bunny laying on the dirt.
Mah was happy to have a bunny dinner that evening.

The next day while toiling in the field, he thought, "Why should I work
this hard? I can sit under that cool tree and wait for another

So he sat under the tree and waited-- no bunny showed up.

Then he waited again the following day-- no bunny again.

Farmer Mah asked himself, "Why no more bunny? Do I sit at the right
angle? Does it has anything to do with my 4P, house orientation, what I
did the day when I got the bunny...."

So he did some "crime scene recreation" and retraced what he saw and
did the day he got the bunny. "The rooster crowed 4 times. I'd eaten 3
eggs and pissed 2 times. The I saw 5 nuns and stepped on some cow dung
on my way to the field...."

So farmer Mah had luopaned the tree, his house, checked his 4P and used
all possible metaphyical methods like Qi Men Dun Jia, 6-ren, XKDG,
TBBS, ZWDS.... to find out if there is any correlation with the appearance
of the bvnny, imageries and numbers that he had encountered in that
lucky day.

Mah had worked so hard to find out how to get the bunny again that he
no longer worked the field and grass grew all over.

Farmer Mah had lost track of time, but one day he was overcome with joy
and yelled, "I've cracked the secret! XKDG said that date was my lucky
day, QMDJ said I walked the lucky direction and where I'd stepped on
the cow dung is the weakness point of the bunny luck system....."

Using a multitude of metaphysics systems, Mah was able to fit some
facts a bit here and there.

With his new-found secret, do you think Farmer Mah will wait for bunny
under the tree again?

(Answer below)

Ken Lai


PS: This story was based on a Chinese fable.

Answer: No, Farmer Mah did not wait for bunny again. Instead he had
become "Master Mah" and taught FS seminars on how to win lottery and
animal-racing. When the gig did not work out, he became a "motivational

Ken Lai