Note: The following blog was written on May 31, 2006

My next door neighbor Eric has adopted a 4-month old
black puppy from the local Animal Humane Society.

The puppy looked scared when I first met it. So I put
my hand over its forehead for 30 seconds and at the
same time “blahing” a little bit.

“Dogs can see ghosts, especially black dogs.
Sometimes you see a dog bark at nothing. It is likely
barking at some ghosts.”

Eric looked at my hand and thought what the hell I was
doing with his dog.

“Some dogs will drive ghosts away. But the bad one
will invite the ghosts into your home!”.

The puppy looked relaxed and happy after absorbing my

For the next few days, Eric tried to figure out what I
had done to his puppy.

Well, I know you want to know too….

If you read through this article, you will even find
out how to get your 8-star almost FREE. But you have
to read something about Ken Lai’s latest course.
Don’t worry, I’ll NOT take order or collect money


I have just finished writing the manual (200+ pages)
for “Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui and Blessings”.
This course was prepared per the request of my Mexican
and Polish sponsors. So they will be the first two to
enjoy (or suffer) the course.

Here is some blah (get your pillow ready!)…

This is the first Daoist talismans class introduced to
the west! Talismans are the symbols and language for
people to communicate with spirits, ghosts and gods.
It can request actions from deities and order ghosts
and spirit to perform according to the orders of the

Talismans are more popular than you have thought.
Most religions, like Buddhism and Catholicism, have
chants and incantations for communication with their
deities. These chants and incantations are
essentially “verbal talismans” that last only when
they are spoken out. Talisman in written form is like
a storage of energy derived from deity and the
talisman writer. It lasts much longer than the verbal

Daoist talisman system is one of the most potent and
strongest intention, belief, expectation and
energy-based tools in the world. The symbols,
language, incantations and rituals involved in the
creation of task-specific talismans are very
intention-specific, belief-specific and goal-specific.
It creates a very potent manifestation (“making
things happen”) and goal-specific behaviors for the
clients of talisman. It is also very powerful in
offering protection from misfortune, evils and

Many “grand master” grade teachers also use talismans
to compliment their FS practices.

(If you are still awake, here is the “beef”!)

In this course, I will teach you:
1. Basic Chinese writing
2. Common Feng Shui talismans that compliment Feng
Shui remedies, especially those that are humanly
impossible to fix, like moving a mountain.
3. Talismans for improvement and protection of daily
4. Create your own Talisman based on your own belief
and language.

Benefits of Talisman-drawing:
1. Complementing the inadequacy of available Feng Shui
2. Improving relationship both inside and outside
3. Improving well-being– in terms of health and
4. Protection from misfortune and unwelcome spirits
and ghosts
5. Meditative
6. Artistic

Other than you need to believe in the existence of
spirits and deities, you do not need to believe in
Daoism or change your own personal religion.

General Purpose Talismans:
Marital relationship
Family harmony
Romance/ love
Interpersonal relationship
Legal problem/ gossip
Winning lawsuit
Collecting debt
Safe trips
Wealth enhancement
Academic improvement
Wishes fulfillment
Business enhancement
Career advancement
Neutralizing voodoo/ curses
Ghost/ spirit attachment removal/ control

When the remedies are beyond human effort, like moving
a huge mountain or someone cannot afford to move, then
talismans are used to change the magnetic field of the

Feng Shui Talismans for:
Construction/ moving-in
Form sha– metal, wood, water, fire and earth
Road and bridge sha– T-junction, sickle-sha,
Temple, pagoda, trees, etc
Bedrooms/ beds
Wealth-enhancing talismans for residence or business
Grand Duke/ Sui-po/ San Sha
General Star (dislikes form-sha in it’s direction)


Well, I know you are very excited now and about to
pull out your wallet to register for the course….

Sorry pals, I’ve no plan to teach this class to
English-speaking people yet. If you speak Spanish,
you can go to Mexico City next month (6/9- 6/11) or if
you speak Polish, then go to Poland in October (19-
22) to take the class.


Now the ultimate secret that you have been waiting
for…. the living 8-star that walks and is almost

Imagine you can have a 8-star that walks around your

According to bagua or trigrams, Gen is also
represented by dog. Gen is 8-star. So dog is the
living and walking 8-star. If the 8-star of your
house is stuck or imprisoned or falls into the toilet,
you can get a dog to energize your house– simply go
to your local Animal Human Society to get one for
close to free.

In a way, the dog also functions as a “living

Disclaimer: If the dog soils your carpet and chews
your chairs, do not bill me.

Since you have been very patient, here is an ultimate

Today (May 31, 2006) is Dragon Boat Festival.
According to Chinese legend, today is the “yang-est”
day of the year. So you wait till noon (wu hour) and
collect a few gallons of water (can be from your tap)
and stash it away. This water is very “yang” in
nature and can be use to “cleanse” anything (like your
house, in this case, spray your house) and drive away
unclean or “yin” entities.

Hey Ken, what did you do to the puppy?

I just telepathically told the puppy, “Don’t peeve on
my lawn!”

Ken Lai