Think this is another "get rich quick" scheme to get
you taking another seminar?

You are right AND wrong at the same time.

In this little message, I'll show you how to use 4P
knowledge to make money. But unlike other marketers,
I tell you upfront that this is not for everyone. If
you have the talent of whining (I mean "writing") a
lot from very minuscule things or if you can turn
simple thing into something very complicated and
profound, then this is your lucky day.

If you go to the "Self-help" section of any big
bookstores, you will find books based on a simple
human weakness and make a huge fuss out of it. For
example, a writer (to avoid lawsuit, let me call her
"Jane") has observed that people keep staying in an
abusive relationship even though they keep on whining
about it. Jane has created a catchy term for this
phenomenon-- "co-dependency". Then a long series of
books, tapes, seminars and other derivative incomes
roll in.

"Co-dependence" is similar to the "self-penalty"
concept described by 4P theory, that people have a
tendency to shoot themselves in their own feet.

You can find similar inspirations from 4P, like
"3-penalties", "6 harms".... Just look at my free
4Pbackground.pdf file for more "self-help book"
ideas (send private email to for a

So if you study your 4P well, you can write books like
Jane and become filthy rich. But it is not for me or
everyone. You need to be a good whiner or writer.


When 4P was still in its developmental stage about a
thousand years ago, there was no cable TV or National
Enquirer to read, so the ancient scholars got lots of
time to beat up their 4P components.

One day, a white beard guy put "3-meeting" (3M) and
"3-unity" (3U) combinations side and side and
presto, we got something new to play with. (please
refer to my 4Pbackground.pdf file if you don't
understand these terms).

METAL 3M: shen - you - xu
METAL 3U: si - you - chou

FIRE 3M: si - wu - wei
FIRE 3U: yin - wu - xu

WATER 3M: hai - zi - chou
WOOD 3U: hai - mao - wei

WOOD 3M: yin - mao - chen
WATER 3U: shen - zi - chen

You can get quite a few "self-help" book writing
ideas from these 4 groups of combinations here. But
until I've cashed your checks, I'll talk only about
the "self-penalty" or identical pairs listed above.

You-you (rooster)
Wu-wu (horse)
Hai-hai (pig)
Chen-chen (dragon)

These 4 pairs are considered as "self-penalty".
Since there are 12 possible branches or animals in a
4P chart, we get at least 33% chance to have one of
these "self-penalizing" elements in our chart. When
annual luck or 10 year luck is also of the same
"self-penalizing" element, the day-master of the chart
or the person represented by that element is likely to
"self-penalizing" himself or herself.

It is not unusual for a chart with more than one of
these "self-penalizing" elements, then the
day-master of the chart gets more chances to make
his/her life miserable.

"This might be a "self-penalty" when a guy wants to
have sex but his "little brother" refuses to stand

"This might be a "self-penalty" when a person knows
dessert is bad for him/ her but eats it anyway."

If you think of the redneck comedian Jeff Foxworth,
then you have a good capitalistic mind.
This is another millionaire-making opportunity if you
become the first "self-penalty" standup comedian or
comedienne-- just think of the TV series, book deals
and merchandising rights.

There are lots of money-making opportunities if you
learn your 4P well, just like eating your veggie.

Well, let's go back to "self-penalty" before you
self-penalize yourself by not taking my class.

The theory behind "self-penalty" is flimsy and not
too logical at all.

Zi, wu, mao, and you are the four cardinal directions
and also have the purest form of energy among the 12
branches. So if we say "wu penalizes wu" and "you
penalizes you", it may make sense since two strong
energies of same nature may repell each other.

But hai is water and chen is water storage. Both are
not strong or pure energy like wu and you. So the
theoretical background for these two penalties is

Well, many smart 4P guys in previous generations have
whined about this inconsistency like yours truly here,
but they use the formula anyway-- because it is a
universal human phenomenon of shooting one's own foot
all the time. Some may call it "obsession",
"co-dependence", "compulsive behavior",

If not, self-help book writers, psychologists and
motivational speakers will be out of business.

"My dad, wife and daughter are all roosters, but I
have yet to see them hit their head with a 2x4. I
think I may need to finish the job myself."

(2005 is the year of rooster)

If you do not understand the joke above, I'll charge
you double and ask the 4P god to change the branches
of your 4P chart to hai, chen, you and wu.

Copyright 2005, Ken Lai, All rights reserved.

Ken Lai