Note: The following blog was written in June 7, 2005

I have been in Mumbai for a week—my first time coming
to this country. It takes a while getting used to the
HOT weather and the hospitality of the people here.

Like Los Angeles, there is no rush hour here, it is
rush hour all day long with people and cars fighting
for the right of way. Every driver here must be a NYC
cabbie if s/he wants to move around here. It is like
free roller coaster ride when you travel in cars.

I have just finished “4P Boot-camp” seminar here. I
am glad to find that students enjoy the class and like
the 2-lb weight manual. My students here are mostly
advanced students in 4P who have studied with many
other teachers before.

Food is great here if you know the local food scene.
I am “stuffed” with more food than I can handle
everyday by students and sponsor. There are great
seafood restaurants here too. Indian crabs are HUGE
and tasty!

I was fortune to do some astrology “jamming” with a
local astrologer. We do each other’s astrological
chart with our own method (4P vs. Vedic astrology).

4P is based on 5-elements theory and Vedic astrology
is based on stars.

It is amazing that we come out with similar
predictions using 4P or Vedic astrology. I did live
readings in class and very often students said their
Indian astrologists made the same predictions.

I have also done some 4P “moonlighting” with local
people, mostly rich folks. Their charts are very
interesting too. One businessman finds some
interesting applications of 4P reading-- tracking the
luck cycles of his competition and business partners
as decision-making tools.

I got lucky in India, somehow my 4P clients refer more
readings to me. The toughest thing to handle is the
weather. Where I come from (Minnesota) has similar
temperature to that of Mumbai, but with a negative
sign in front of the number.

Well, I may see you in Toronto in July.

Ken Lai