The title sounds like a copycat of the book
"Co-dependence no more".

In last episode we talk about a white beard guy had
fooled around with the 3-unity and 3-meeting formula
and created a ton of penalty formula, to make our 4P
job miserable. In this episode I'll show you how to
fight back with a big laugh.

To avoid brain damage to human actors, only animal
actors are used in this episode. (Here is another
franchising idea - Pet 4P Readers!)

The followings are the penalties formulae that we need
to memorize:

METAL 3M: shen - you - xu
METAL 3U: si - you - chou
FIRE 3M: si - wu - wei
FIRE 3U: yin - wu - xu
WATER 3M: hai - zi - chou
WOOD 3U: hai - mao - wei
WOOD 3M: yin - mao - chen
WATER 3U: shen - zi - chen

You - you (Chicken or rooster)
Hai - hai (Pig)
Wu - wu (Horse)
Chen - chen (Dragon)

Zi - mao (Mouse - Rabbit)
Si - shen - yin (Snake-Monkey-Tiger)
Xu - chou - wei (Dog-Ox-Goat)

If you have stopped eating your veggie and abstain
from sex for a month, you will be able to memorize
these 7 penalty formula in less than a minute with
lifetime retention (provided you have no self-penalty
in your 4P chart).

To memorize the 4 self-penalty formula, all you need
is to visualize a smart chick dressed in a PhD cap and

chick = rooster or "you"
P= pig or hai,
H= horse or wu,
D= Dragon or chen)

For the 3-penalties, think of a Mentally Retarded DOG
wants to play SM with a horny Tiger.

Mentally = M as in mouse or zi
Retarded = R as in rabbit or mao
=> this is zi-mao penalty

D = dog or xu
O = ox or chou
G = goat or wei
=> this is xu-chou-wei three penalty

S = snake or si
M = monkey or shen
Tiger = tiger or yin
=> this is si-shen-yin three penalty

Putting it all together, imagine this scenario:
"A chick with a PhD tries to teach a mentally retarded
dog to play SM with a tiger."

Seven penalty formula are hidden in one sentence! It
is pretty easy for us to see a dog or have dogs as
pets, so you will be reminded constantly of this
sentence day after day.

Disclaimer: Ken Lai and/ or this list will not be
responsible for any PhD (permanent head damages) as a
direct or indirect consequence of your internalization
of this sentence, like beating up your spouse during

In case you don't understand what "SM" means, deposit
$30 in my Paypal account and I'll send you a file.

-- This message is bought to you by "4P Boot-camp"
Copyright (c) 2005, Ken Lai. All rights reserved.

Ken Lai