Note: The following was written on April 2, 2005

Pope John Paul II has passed at 21:37 today (April 2, 2005).  He
was one of the most outstanding Popes in history with a very
dramatic life.

TV news have continuous coverage on Pope's life in the last few
days, covering from his childhood to adulthood, giving us quite
a few clues on the Feng Shui of his early home and also
historical events that we can used to study his 4P.

A TV news report about the church that Pope went during his
childhood . It said Pope's childhood home is virtually under the
shadow of that church.

Chinese FS advises against people living too close to temple or church.

Pope had an older sister died before he was born in 1920. His
mother had died when he was eight. Then his older brother had
died when he was 12, leaving only him and his father.

He was hit by a car or carriage around 1944.

This is the 4P chart of the Pope. The hour is estimated by me
based on events happen:

Birthday: May 18, 1920

Year: Geng-shen (metal-metal)
Month: Xin-si (metal-fire)
Day: Bing-zi (fire-water)
Hour: Ji-chou (earth-earth)

Day void branch: shen and you
Year void branch: zi and chou

10 year luck periods:

1926 ren-wu (water-earth)
1936 gui-wei (water-water)
---------------------------fire region above
1946 jia-shen (wood-metal)
1956 yi-you (wood-metal)
1966 bing-xu (fire-earth)
-------------------------metal region above
1976 ding-hai (fire-water)
1986 wu-zi (earth-water)
1996 ji-chou (earth-earth)
---------------------------water region above
2006 geng-yin (metal-wood)-- beginning of wood region

Today's chart when Pope died:

Year: Yi-you (wood-metal)
Month: Ji-mao (earth-wood)
Day: Bing-chen (fire-earth)
Hour: Ji-hai (earth-water)

Pope's chart is not easy to read or classify.

I'm not going do a detail analysis here, but leave
enough info for you to do it yourself. This should be
a good learning experience, not just for 4P, but learning
about the life of a great man.

Pope is a pretty weak bing-fire.

The void branches match his life experience pretty well.

You can get hints from the 10 years luck period, to find out
the possible favorable elements (yong shen) for him. For example,
Pope first 20 years of life was filled with tragedies-- his 10
year luck periods was in the fire region. So we know fire is
probably not good for him even though he is a weak bing fire, which is
contrary to common logic.

Then his life had improved in metal region and become Pope in
water region..... and has passed before entering wood region.

He had very strong "guan" or career/ power luck in his older

Then you can match events happened down to individual annual luck
periods. I've found quite a few major events matching his annual
luck pillars. You can easily find Pope's major life events from
CNN news archive or search the web for the bio of Pope John Paul II.

I hope this 4P exercise will also let you to learn more about this
great Pope.

Ken Lai

PS: I am not a Catholic.

Ken Lai