Note: The following was written on July 6, 2004

I watch “Court TV” and saw the tombstone of an abduction victim:
Born: girl, Jan. 20, 1975, hour unknown Date died: unknown, just know Geng-shen year
4 Pillars:

Year: Jia-yin
Month: Ding-chou
Day: Bing-yin
Hour: not known
Year died: Geng-shen

10 yr. luck (started at age 5)
1979 bing-zi
1989 yi-hai

The 6 year old victim went to church service with her mom and disappeared after telling her mom that she went to restroom.

Her body was found in a dumpster 3 miles from the church the next day. Victim was strangulated, smashed in the face and sexually assaulted.

Can you explain this death? The answer almost jumps out from the data shown above.