The following was written on June 6, 2006

Peach Blossom (PB) is a hot topic and always generates
tons of laughters in my "4P Bootcamp" class.

I've something new about PB in the last Aruba 4P

"Make sure the PB direction of your hubby has no
poster depicting pretty babes or movie stars like Pam
Anderson or your hubby may get one!"

A student in the class asked, "So he will get Pam

The whole class ruptured into laughs.

I know you want to know the answer....

Well, you may find it in my next Singapore 4P Bootcamp
(6/30- 7/2) and more 4P jokes (educational).

But since you read this msg., I need to give you some
tips-- in general, the 4 cardinal directions (zi, wu,
mao and you or N, S, E, W) are called Peach Blossom
locations. You don't want to have flowers and water
there unless you are single.

One's PB direction is calculated based on your animal
sign or your Daymaster. If you want to know your
exact PB direction. You should know where to find it
by now.

Well, I've just pasted a Pam Anderson poster in my PB
location and see what will happen :.))

Ken Lai