Note: This blog was written on Dec 9, 2001

The goal of date selection is to do the right thing at the right time. “Right time” means when the

energies in your surrounding are optimal for the action that you are initiating.

From my experience, if a Feng Shui cure is executed without date selection, and the date by
chance is a bad one, the effect of the cure does not last. If the cure is executed in an auspicious
date, the effect lasts longer.

Date selection that integrates your Feng Shui profile takes 20- 40 minutes to calculate. It
calculates down to the exact hour for execution. It normally costs $30- 100 per date selection.

Figuring out good dates the conventional ways are tough, especially you don’t read Chinese or
carrying tables. So this easy method of avoiding bad dates is a lot better than no date-selection.

You can use this date-selection method for traveling, grand-opening, sale dates, or any actions.
Here is the method:

Well, a little theory first to understand the principles behind, so you won’t suspect this is BS.
Conventional date-selections avoid seven particular stars (not list here, to save you some brain
juice). By checking the distributions of these 7 stars in the weeks, we found that:

STAR NATURE DAY/ Probability BAD stars show up
Sun Sun Sunday 25%
Moon Moon Monday 0%
Mars Fire Tuesday 0%
Mercury Water Wednesday 0%
Jupiter Wood Thursday 50%
Saturn Metal Friday 100%
Earth Earth Saturday 0%
Friday is always a bad day according to this method, so do not do anything important and avoid it completely.

Thursday has a 50% chance of being a bad day, so avoid it too.

Sunday has a 25% chance of being a bad day, so take it if you have to choose between Thursday
and Sunday.

In other words, any day other than Friday, Thursday, and Sunday are good to do anything.

So, choose Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday whenever possible.

In order for you to remember the formula, here is my trick song: