Note: This was written on Nov 28, 2003

Many of us in the United States are probably enjoying big Thanksgiving feasts today. Amid our material abundance, I hope the following story will bring inspiration to our life. Here are the links to the same story with different perspective:
This story reminds me of Farmer Li, the farmer who had discovered the tomb of the first emperor of China. Farmer Li had remained almost anonymous and poor until President Clinton met him. Li did not do anything to make thing “happen” and just let fate took over.

Ma Yan, on the other hand, does not quit or surrender to fate and keep fighting. Things changed when she met her “helpful person” from an unlikely source.

Some people in Ma Yan’s village are mad at the French assistance. They all ask, “Why Ma Yan and not me? I’m just as poor. She is just lucky.”

We may try to explain Ma Yan’s good fortune as fate, destiny or even good Feng Shui, that she may sleep in “Wen Chang” (academic) position of her home.

Ma’s teacher explains, “It could be luck partially. But given the same opportunity to others, nothing would have happened since most children here do not write diary. Ma Yan has been writing diary since grade 4. She is also persistent and strong-willed to chase after her simple dream of going to school.”

Can you imagine how many destinies have been changed by Ma Yan’s diary– at least 16 in her own village alone, not to mention the inspiration that she give to other girls in China for years to come.

A few months ago I saw a report on CNN TV news that a New York cab driver, who is an immigrant from India, donates all his income and tips to run a girl school in India. He does that because, like other countries, girls are more likely left without schooling, become illiterate mothers and perpetuate the same fate to their daughters.

We hear people ask for Feng Shui tips for better wealth and health lucks all the time. One of the better tips is to do good deed and charity work. When you do something good, you feel good. This good-feeling will strengthen your personal “qi field” to fend off bad qi and attract good qi.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ken Lai